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What's new on myWAY

After new updates are made on myWAY, this page will be updated explaining when and what has changed or been added.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please reach out via the Contact Us form.



15 May 2024

What's changed?

  • As a Supporter, you can now leave a Career Explorer's team if support is no longer needed.
  • When inviting someone to use myWAY, the invitation email has been simplified to avoid any confusion about next steps for the invitee.
  • Helpful tips and guidance added to the Supporter Dashboard.
  • Continuous smaller improvements and various bug fixes.

12 March 2024

What's changed?

  • Several improvements have been made to the Resources section:
    • A refresh of the overall user interface design
    • It's now easier to Share and Print a Resource article.
    • You can now find related Resource articles on each article page.
    • Overall navigation has been improved by for example using numbered pagination on the Resource list page, as well as the ability to link to a pre-filtered Resource article listing, e.g. Resources about Preparing for work.
  • Continuous smaller improvements of user interface and various bug fixes.

19 December 2023

What's changed?

  • To make it easier to fill out, the My Profile form has now been split into sections with subtitles for added context. Improved error handling also makes it easier to know when something has been missed or not filled out correctly.
  • You now have the option to subscribe to email communication. Helpful tips along your unique myWAY journey as well as newsletters with relevant news and resources will help you get the most out of myWAY.
  • Continuous smaller improvements of user interface and various bug fixes.

8 November 2023

What’s changed?

  • myWAY is now fully mobile responsive. This means you can just as easily use the platform on your mobile phone and/or tablet as on a desktop computer.
  • To reduce the number of clicks, redundant pages in About Me quizzes have been removed for a more seamless experience.
  • Various bugs and issues have been resolved to improve the user experience across the platform for functionality such as:
    • Notify team members of new/updated goals
    • Changing your password
    • Time settings in Meeting module

5 September 2023

What’s changed?

  • Accessibility updates: deeper contrast colours for better readability.
  • “Why are you here?” personalisation can now be skipped and returned to later.
  • Career Explorer dashboard has had a major re-design:
    • Users can now set goals before completing "About me" profile.
    • A view toggle has been added to allow users to switch focus between Goals or About Me.

2 August 2023

What's changed?

myWAY Employability has been redeveloped to make career exploration and team sharing easier than ever. With an enhanced dashboard, a responsive goal builder that personalises your objectives, and flexible invitation functionality, now is a great time to check out myWAY Employability and explore career options.

  • New personalisation using “Why are you here?” questions, informing goal template suggestions.
  • Smart goal creation, including over 40 templates to support different career stages.
  • Flexible invitation functionality, allowing both Career Explorers as well as support persons to initiate team formation.
  • Enhanced Dashboard for Supporters helping multiple Career Explorers, including evidence-based recommendations on leveraging strengths and accommodating sensory preferences.
  • The platform is accessible via a new domain: Not only is this shorter for our users, it’s also a nod to the Autistic community who co-designed this platform with us as “Au” is a commonly used acronym in this space.



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myWAY Employability was developed with funding from the Australian Government.

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We celebrate diversity and welcome people of all ability, age, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or citizenship.

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