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  • Preparing for work

Developing a resume

A resume is a document that summarises your knowledge, skills and experience. It should be one to two pages long, depending on your level of experience and include personal contact details, skills, education and training, past work experiences (paid and unpaid) and any achievements.

  • Study after school
  • Preparing for work

Open universities and online courses

Online study gives you the freedom to choose where and when you study. There are many options to study online units, courses and entire degrees online.

  • Preparing for work

Addressing the key selection criteria

Key selection criteria are the skills values and attributes that an employer is seeking. When you write a job application you may be asked to explain how you have previously demonstrated this criteria.

  • Study after school
  • Preparing for work

Studying at university and TAFE

University and TAFE are two options that provide further education, training and pathways to employment. 

  • On the job
  • Preparing for work

Being LGBTIQA+ autistic

Just as it's your right to not experience harassment or discrimination at school or work for being autistic, it's also your right not to experience harassment or discrimination if you're LGBTIQA+.

By Ashton Bartz (they/them)

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